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Saturday, March 25, 2023
Menelas Pangalos

Menelas Pangalos

About Menelas Pangalos

I’m a lifelong scientist and pharmaceutical executive at AstraZeneca where we are led by science, driven by patients and are constantly pushing the boundaries of what science can do to deliver life-changing medicines to the people who need them most.
Being able to create ground-breaking medicines has always excited me. The rate of change we are seeing across healthcare is more rapid than ever before and is opening up incredibly exciting opportunities not thought possible just a few years ago.
Incredible technological advances are enabling us to increase our understanding of disease biology at a molecular level and discover what is driving many of our most complex diseases. The more knowledge we gain, the better we can predict the clinical success of our candidate drug molecules, accelerating their delivery to get the right treatments to the right patients.
I am passionate about taking basic research and translating that understanding into the discovery and delivery of medicines that could transform the lives of patients. We are constantly learning from the people who live with the diseases our medicines treat.
It is vital we understand their needs so we can make sure that any great science in the lab can make a real difference to their lives.
All of this requires exceptional talent and remarkable teamwork which is why we have created a rich and diverse R&D culture which inspires people with curious minds to work free from fear of failure, free to ask the right questions and make bold decisions.
We work side-by-side with partners, not just from within our industry but across academia, biotech, governments and scientific organisations to share ideas and collaborate because the next generation of therapeutics needs the next generation of minds as we look to extend the possible and help shape the future of healthcare.

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