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Sunday, May 19, 2024

Miiskin Makes Use of Augmented Reality for New Mole Sizing Feature

Miiskin has launched a new mole sizing feature that uses augmented reality technology to enable users to track key changes in size of their moles.

The feature has been added to the digital health app, which is designed to help users keep track of changes to their skin. It requires users to photograph their moles alongside a size reference such as a coin. By measuring and recording the mole’s size, users are better equipped to spot changes using the ABCDE tracker recommended by doctors.

The technology is able to recognise when a mole reaches 6mm in diameter or more – the threshold for the D part of the tracker which could indicate a problem. It also enables users to track changes such as size, shape or colour. This would fall under the E warning noting how moles have evolved with time.

Jon Friis, founder and CEO of Miiskin, said: “This kind of technology has never been openly available for the public to use themselves until now. We’ve combined the latest in Apple’s machine learning, computer vision and augmented reality technology to bring this to patients directly to support them even further with self-examination of their skin, a crucial process in detecting skin cancer early.”

Spotting changes to moles can be tricky as they can be subtle or the mole may be positioned in a hard-to-access area. The feature is the first of its kind to be made available to the public, and with self-examination being such a vital part of early detection for skin cancer, the ability to use technology to do so accurately is welcomed.

Dr Anton Alexandroff, consultant dermatologist and British Skin Foundation spokesperson, added: “Bringing this kind of technology to patients will really help them with their skin examination process. It not only helps to raise awareness of the importance of self-examination, but helps them to identify key factors to look for when checking their skin.”

Although the app can’t diagnose skin cancer, it does provide users with the confidence to take the results to their GP or dermatologist for further investigation.

Since the launch of its Automatic Skin Imaging tool, Miiskin has been leading the way in machine learning and computer vision in patient skin self-monitoring technology. ORCHA, who is responsible for reviewing and evaluating digital health apps on behalf of the NHS, has recently rated Miiskin as one of the top five apps to use best practice.

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