" class="no-js "lang="en-US"> Bridgewest Perth Pharma to Commercialize Sterile Injectable Drugs
Monday, June 05, 2023

Bridgewest Perth Pharma to Commercialize Sterile Injectable Drugs Under LumaCina Business Unit

Global private investment firm, Bridgewest Group, recognized for developing innovative companies in life sciences, software, and deep tech, establishes LumaCina business unit under Bridgewest Perth Pharma in Perth, Australia. The newly created business leverages the acclaimed team and production facility recently acquired by Bridgewest Group from Pfizer (Perth) Pty Ltd, a subsidiary of Pfizer, Inc., plus the addition of newly expanded capabilities, most notably, R & D. LumaCina will commercialize sterile injectable drugs in global markets and is actively expanding its portfolio through increased production under LumaCina branding.

Jon Kafer has been appointed President of LumaCina. He also serves as Chief Commercial Officer of Bridgewest Perth Pharma Pty Ltd, a subsidiary of Bridgewest Group. “Our recent acquisitions in Australia are a reflection of the importance we place in meeting the growing demand for high quality pharmaceuticals, both regionally, and globally. LumaCina increases our ability to help healthcare professionals readily access quality sterile injectable medicines when they need them. At present about 95% of our production stays in the Australia/New Zealand region, but our growth will soon change our reach,” says Kafer.

“We view our role in the industry as a value creator. We tap our intrinsic entrepreneurial spirit, pumping in resources and forward-looking technology, while keeping customers close. We’re building on the 20-year Pfizer Perth legacy to bring forth new jobs, increased product availability, new injectable medicines and a grand vitality to a region poised to become a global leader,” says Masood Tayebi, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Bridgewest Group.

Initially, LumaCina will commercialize a select portfolio of sterile injectable drugs for customers previously served by Pfizer, before Bridgewest Group’s acquisition of the Perth facility. “We’re already in conversations with pharma companies discussing licensing opportunities to bolster our portfolio. Our stellar regulatory history across multiple regulatory agencies in many countries enables us to market products to areas where drug developers have not yet obtained licensing, adding significant value for several companies,” said Kafer.

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