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Sunday, February 05, 2023
Compellon | Pharmtech Focus


About Compellon


A unique machine learning analytics company powered by its proprietary Plug and Play AI, California-based Compellon is rapidly revolutionizing the analytics industry. Compellon focuses on the complete business problem and arms business analysts with strategic and tactical prescriptive actions, all delivered in business terms, to rapidly bring intelligent data-driven decisions to the front lines of the business.
We are explainable and transparent, a true clear-box because of our assumption-free approach that invents models that capture the behaviors in your data. No more model-fitting, trail-and-error, assumption filled solutions that don’t cut it. Compellon brings intelligence, trust, and impact back to the analytics game and allows business analysts to play without the need for additional technical experience, or understanding. Answers every day, for the everyday business leader.

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