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Thursday, November 30, 2023
Quinton Fivelman

Quinton Fivelman

About Quinton Fivelman

Dr Quinton Fivelman’s passion is innovation and commercialisation strategy. He is the Chief Scientific Officer of London Medical Laboratory and responsible for guiding the scientific, innovation and medical research strategy for this exciting and rapidly growing healthcare, pathology, blood testing & COVID-19 testing company.

Quinton holds a PhD in medicine from London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (University of London) which focused on profiling of drug resistance in malaria. After finishing his PhD, Quinton was a key member of the ‘Wellcome Trust Malaria Functional Genomics Initiative’ – an international collaboration of world experts to exploit the malaria genome using bioinformatics. He has since gone onto work in several positions in healthcare companies. He has a wide range of business development and commercialisation experience covering life science, biotech and cleantech technology opportunities, and has worked with a wide variety of universities, start-ups, private companies and public organisations. Quinton has also run or been involved with fundraising rounds through angel investors and VCs for several start up and university spin out companies. In total, he has been responsible for co-raising over £4.5 million in the past 5 years and remains active in investment networks. One diagnostic medtech company he co-founded and managed was recently sold for over £2.5m.

Quinton founded consultancy group Q5, which provides a complete innovation value chain from evaluating new market opportunities and early R&D through to commercialisation and international technology transfer. Q5 Enterprises assists businesses, schools and universities through innovation entrepreneurship training and mentoring.

Dr Fivelman is the IP director at dreamitget.it and the IP Operations Officer at medical technology company MediWiSe (Medical Wireless Sensing) and Metamaterial Technologies.

Quinton previously worked as a consultant at IP Pragmatics, a company specialised in IP commercialisation and independent market assessments and due diligence, including assisting with spin out formation and licensing deals.

He also previously worked as a BD manager at Brunel University, and managed knowledge transfer at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine where he was responsible for proof of concept funding for a range of public health technologies and launching new initiatives by assisting projects to move from the lab to the market. He also has an Honours degree in Pharmacology, Chemistry and Microbiology from the University of Cape Town, S. Africa.

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