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Wednesday, March 22, 2023
Mark Allen

Mark Allen

About Mark Allen

I have degrees in Applied Physics and Medicine, along with two decades of experience as an entrepreneur and business leader. I’ve helped to invent new technologies, bring new products to market, run profitable businesses, build great teams, and achieve successful exits. I’m passionate about leveraging science and technology to help people lead longer, healthier lives. And I’m passionate about helping entrepreneurs change our world for the better.

During my medical training at UCLA, I worked on research projects to help doctors use software to make better patient care decisions. After demonstrating significant improvements in healthcare quality and cost, I founded Corticon to bring this new technology to market. We rapidly expanded beyond healthcare to become one of the leading commercial rules engine products, powering automated decision-making in insurance, banking, retail and manufacturing.

In late 2011, I sold Corticon to Progress (NASD: PRGS) and took a role as a Chief Technologist, where I created a new vision to develop complete rule-based business applications using a combination of Progress technologies. In 2016, I took on the General Manager role to execute that vision, successfully closing many $1M+ deals.

In early 2017, I left Progress to focus on opportunities to extend healthy lifespan. I was excited by new scientific discoveries to target root-cause aging processes, and emerging therapeutics proven in animal studies to stimulate natural repair mechanisms.

In July 2017, I partnered with an incredible team of Harvard scientists and serial entrepreneurs to found Elevian. Elevian develops biotherapeutics that target root-cause aging processes, have the potential to treat or prevent multiple degenerative diseases, and ultimately extend healthy lifespan.

More recently, I’ve been advising and coaching several talented CEOs both as a StartX mentor/alum and individually. I’m also continually working on my own personal growth in order to better connect with others and maximally contribute to our world.

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