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Sunday, February 05, 2023
Lao Saal

Lao Saal

About Lao Saal

* I am a cancer survivor and cancer scientist.

* I lead a research team at Lund University aiming to better understand cancer biology and shepherd research findings and diagnostic innovations into clinical practice for the betterment of patient survival and quality of life.

* Our company SAGA Diagnostics AB (http://sagadiagnostics.com) focuses on a new type of cancer biomarker — circulating tumor DNA — which can be detected and quantified in a blood test and other “liquid biopsies” non-invasively. Our innovative methods can be used to diagnose druggable gene mutations earlier, monitor the response to therapy, and detect recurrence of disease prior to symptoms. Such molecular information leads us towards a more personalized cancer care that will benefit patients, drug development, and healthcare.

I am a father of three wonderful boys, a devoted husband to my lovely wife Sofia, and enjoy cycling in my free time.

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