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Thursday, June 08, 2023

Ventoux Biosciences Launches to Transform Disease Management for Fibrotic Disease

Ventoux Biosciences, a privately held specialty pharmaceutical company, has launched with a mission to deliver life-changing therapies for patients with Dupuytren’s and related fibrotic diseases. The company initiated pre-clinical evaluation of its early-stage pipeline, VEN-201 and VEN-202, in Q2 2023.

Dupuytren’s disease (palmar fibromatosis) is a common, progressive, debilitating, often painful fibrotic disease impacting hand mobility and function. Limited noninvasive options exist therefore surgical interventions remain the mainstay of care. Surgical options, while helpful for patients, are known to have high disease recurrence, prolonged recovery times, and potential complications. Disease recurrence can occur in up to 85% of surgeries with overall surgical complication rates up to 39%.

“As a Dupuytren’s patient myself, I started Ventoux Biosciences to develop new treatments to slow disease progression and improve outcomes for the millions of patients with mild to severe disease,” said Kurt Harrington, Founder & CEO of Ventoux Biosciences. “My father also has Dupuytren’s, which is the most common inherited connective tissue disorder. The emotional driver for starting the company is to bring new options to market to help millions of my fellow patients, including my Dad, as well as for my two teenage sons, should they develop this predominantly genetic disease.”

“Currently, patients with early Dupuytren’s disease have no recourse other than waiting for the disease to progress in order to be eligible for treatment, including hand surgery,” said Keith Denkler, MD. Clinical Professor of Plastic Surgery at the University of California San Francisco and member of Ventoux Biosciences Scientific Advisory Board.

Dupuytren’s disease is estimated to affect 8.2% of the population worldwide and over 30 million patients in the United States and Europe alone. Ventoux Biosciences is focused on development of treatments that will attenuate fibrosis and reduce inflammation in this under-served patient population.

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