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Friday, May 17, 2024

Synthego Launches Express Cell Pools for Faster, More Efficient Genome Editing

Synthego, a leading provider of genome engineering solutions, has announced the launch of Express Knockout Cell Pools, a new product offering that revolutionizes access to CRISPR-mediated gene editing by providing researchers access to a more efficient and more reliable approach to obtain knockout cell pools at unparalleled speed and scale.

CRISPR-edited cell pools are indispensable tools for many research applications, from disease modeling to loss-of-function screens and drug discovery. Bypassing the researcher’s need to design, optimize, and execute a CRISPR workflow, Express Knockout Cell Pools will disrupt how researchers think about their CRISPR-editing needs. Skipping the time-consuming task of clonal isolation and directly running functional assays in these cell pools will enable researchers to generate the results they need for their next publication or project milestone confidently and in a fraction of the time.

Express Knockout Cell Pools deliver several advantages, including:

  • Increased speed to results: Delivery time has been reduced to 3 weeks or less, almost three times faster than the average experimental duration of a CRISPR workflow reported by researchers (CRISPR Benchmark Report).
  • Increased confidence in results: Express Knockout Cell Pools use Synthego’s proprietary multi-guide technology to target protein-coding genes, increasing editing efficiency and maximizing the likelihood of functional knockout. This results in higher success rates and more reliable data compared to other editing approaches.
  • Reproducible results: Every Express Knockout Cell Pool includes a comprehensive quality control (QC) report with detailed information on the sgRNAs used, PCR primers, editing efficiency, and more, enabling researchers to make informed decisions about downstream assays.
  • Scalability: The high throughput of Synthego’s cell engineering platform enables researchers to broaden the scope of their projects without limits, providing easy access to as many cell models as they need at an affordable price,

“Synthego is committed to simplifying the use of CRISPR and speeding up R&D efforts,” said Paul Dabrowski, CEO of Synthego. “With the launch of our new product line, Express Cell Pools, we offer an affordable, fast, efficient, and reliable way for researchers to obtain edited cell pools that can be used directly in many assays. Researchers now have the option to skip labor-intensive genome engineering in their lab, in many cases also avoid months of waiting for clones, and instead leverage Synthego Engineered cells to increase confidence in their studies by discovering and validating more targets than ever before with ease and speed.”

Synthego’s Express Knockout Cell Pools are the newest addition to Synthego’s comprehensive Engineered Cells product portfolio and the result of significant improvements across Synthego’s Eclipse platform. With an expanding menu of immortalized human and mouse cell lines and Synthego’s multi-guide designs available for the whole human and mouse exomes, customers can easily customize their product and obtain as many cell models as they need for their research workflow, from drug discovery and cell and gene therapy applications to pathway analysis and basic research.

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