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Thursday, June 08, 2023

Stereotaxis and Abbott Announce Global Collaboration Combining Leading Mapping and Robotic Technologies to Improve Treatment of Abnormal Heart Rhythms

Stereotaxis today announced a global collaboration with Abbott to integrate Abbott’s EnSite™ X EP System with Stereotaxis’ Robotic Magnetic Navigation systems.

The combination of Abbott’s leading cardiac mapping system with Stereotaxis’ advanced robotic technology brings together highly detailed real-time diagnostic information with the unprecedented precision and stability of robotics during therapy delivery. Technology integration enhances the physician experience, streamlines procedural workflow, and supports the improved treatment of patients with abnormal heart rhythms. Stereotaxis and Abbott have successfully completed integration of their technologies and performed testing demonstrating joint compatibility. The integrated technologies are cleared for use in Europe with additional regulatory clearances expected in the coming months.

“The combination of these two technologies is a seminal event for the community of physicians who have pioneered and championed robotics in electrophysiology,” said Dr. J. Peter Weiss, electrophysiologist and clinical professor of medicine at Banner University of Arizona Medical Center. “Joint use of EnSite X with Robotic Magnetic Navigation is beneficial for the broad spectrum of cardiac ablation procedures and is most impactful in treating complex and challenging cardiac arrhythmias.”

Millions of individuals worldwide suffer from arrhythmias – abnormal heart rhythms that result when the heart beats too quickly, too slowly, or with an irregular pattern. Left untreated, arrhythmias may significantly increase the risk of stroke, heart failure, and sudden cardiac arrest. Abbott’s EnSite X System is the latest innovation available in cardiac mapping and received US FDA clearance in 2021. Robotic Magnetic Navigation introduces the benefits of robotic precision, stability and safety to cardiac ablation procedures using advanced computer-controlled magnetic fields for direct control of a catheter tip.

“Stereotaxis is delighted to collaborate with Abbott and to be able to share this significant milestone for the electrophysiology field,” said David Fischel, Chairman and CEO of Stereotaxis. “This collaboration further reinforces our commitment to meaningful innovations that advance the frontiers of medical progress. It provides additional choice for the community of robotic users and ensures patients, physicians and providers can benefit from the combination of the finest diagnostic and therapeutic technologies.”

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