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Tuesday, March 21, 2023

SCIENION & Cellenion Launch spheroONE ®, a Large-Particle Sorter and Dispenser to Advance Drug Testing on Complex In-Vitro 3D Models

Today, SCIENION & CellenionBICO companies, announced the launch of spheroONE, an innovative single large-particle sorter and dispenser which will revolutionize 3D cellular model handling. The platform is capable of dispensing individual spheroids, organoids, and tumoroids and complements Cellenion’s hugely successful cellenONE® platform for single cell isolation. The launch advances BICO’s Bio Convergence agenda by enabling easier use of complex in vitro 3D models that are more physiologically relevant, predictive and have the potential to complement and in some cases replace animal models in drug screening and other applications like cancer research.

“Current offerings suffer from low throughput, inconsistent sorting, and intensive manual dispensing,” explained Guilhem Tourniaire, PhD, Managing Director & Founder at Cellenion. “spheroONE is going to play a significant role toward replacing animal models in pre-clinical research as it allows automated sorting, enables development of higher quality and yield models, and improves outcome of 3D cell assays.”

spheroONE combines SCIENION’s sciDROP NANO precision dispensing technology with advanced image-based capabilities to enable precision isolation, sorting, and dispensing of single spheroids, organoids and tumoroids. The platform uses electromagnetic microvalve technology for gentle drop-on-demand generation in air which ensures maintenance of the integrity and viability of fragile cellular aggregates. Its combination of image-based capabilities, sorting and dispense makes it the perfect platform for improving reproducibility of 3D model-based drug screens.

Other key features of spheroONE include:

  • Up to 100% accurate automated isolation of single cellular aggregates using morphology and fluorescence-based sorting
  • Controlled biomass via user-defined parameters (size and number of spheroids per well), facilitating high quality toxicological assays
  • Streamlined drug screening on spheroids grown in bulk, reducing labour and enabling standardized 3D model-based assays

The spheroONE will broaden Cellenion’s customers’ ability to conduct vital life sciences research by enabling the handling of cellular aggregates ranging from 80 µm to 600 µm. The company’s cellenONE is already a reference in sorting and dispensing any cells from 0.5 – 80 µm with applications in single cell genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, cell line development and rare cells.

Companies and organizations interested in the spheroONE can find more information at: www.cellenion.com/products/spheroone/

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