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Monday, June 05, 2023

MOLLI Surgical Launches Breakthrough Products to Simplify Breast Cancer Surgery and Deliver a Better Patient Experience

MOLLI Surgical, the company that is pushing the boundaries of precision surgery for breast cancer, has announced the launch of two new products, MOLLI 2® and MOLLI re.markable™. The latest products, including the industry’s first tool that ensures lesions are accurately marked, are paving the way for the next generation of healthcare. They deliver on the company’s commitment to elevate the patient experience, refine precision surgery, and boost physicians’ confidence.

MOLLI 2 is an evolution in MOLLI Surgical’s award-winning platform technology that allows surgeons to pinpoint cancerous tissue for faster, more accurate, and potentially improved cosmesis while significantly improving the patient experience. The wire-free technology includes the MOLLI Marker® — about the size of a sesame seed — that can be detected using MOLLI 2. The MOLLI Marker is the smallest on the market and precisely marks where lesions are located before breast cancer surgery. The MOLLI Tablet® then displays the distance — and now direction — between the tip of MOLLI 2 and the MOLLI Marker in millimeters. MOLLI 2 is easy to use, reliable, and precise, delivering improved efficiency and improving patient outcomes.

MOLLI re.markable is a revolutionary new tool helping physicians accurately mark lesions by allowing radiologists and surgeons to reposition a localization marker with minimal impact or discomfort for patients. If the original placement was suboptimal, the localization marker can be removed without requiring invasive surgery or a large biopsy needle.

“As a surgeon, my ultimate goal is always to help as many patients as possible while delivering the highest quality of care. These two products, used separately or together, will be a game changer for me in the operating room,” said Dr. Rakhshanda L. Rahman, Medical Director of the Breast Center of Excellence at the UMC Cancer Center. “MOLLI 2 will make it easier than ever to deliver exceptional outcomes and experiences for my patients.”

“At MOLLI Surgical, we’re constantly refining, innovating, and driving the future of healthcare by addressing the real clinical problems facing healthcare teams. The release of these two new products demonstrates our continued rapid pace of evolution in our technology,” said Ananth Ravi, President and CEO of MOLLI Surgical. “Our approach to innovation has always kept patient experience at the forefront. The launch of MOLLI 2 and MOLLI re.markable will improve the patient experience by creating the simplest possible process for accurate breast surgery.”

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