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Saturday, May 18, 2024

Mezzion Pharma Submits Protocol for Confirmatory Pivotal Phase 3 Trial (“FUEL-2”) in Fontan Subjects

Mezzion Pharma has submitted a confirmatory pivotal Phase 3 Clinical Trial in Fontan subjects to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

In the Type B meeting between the FDA and Mezzion, the FDA provided Mezzion with a clear path forward to FDA approval for the treatment of Fontan subjects with udenafil. In the Type B meeting, an agreement was reached with the FDA regarding its requirement for a confirmatory Phase 3 clinical trial. Mezzion reports that it has submitted a new protocol for the FUEL-2 Trial to the Division of Cardiology and Nephrology consistent with the agreement reached with the FDA in Type B meeting.

The cardiovascular efficiency of the Fontan subjects deteriorates through adolescence and into adulthood. This deterioration correlates with a decline in exercise capacity and an increase in the prevalence of heart failure symptoms, hospitalization and mortality. Mezzion believes that the FUEL-2 confirmatory trial in Fontan subjects will show that chronic udenafil therapy will improve their exercise capacity and thus potentially prolong the time to the onset of serious morbidity. The protocol for the FUEL-2 Trial is based on what was learned from the original Phase 3 trial FUEL Trial and the agreement reached with the FDA. The study population will be single ventricle heart disease subjects with Fontan palliation and Fontan physiology who will most likely improve their exercise capacity based on their baseline cardiopulmonary exercise testing performance. Under the revised inclusion/exclusion criteria, FUEL-2 will exclude those target subjects who are defined as “Super Fontans.”

The Ad Hoc analysis of a similar population of about 300 subjects excluding the Super Fontans in the original FUEL trial, comparing the mean peak VO2 of the udenafil treated group of about 150 subjects versus the placebo group of also about 150 subjects was statistically significant at a p-value of 0.023. The important secondary endpoints of exercise capacity at the Ventilatory Anaerobic Threshold (“VAT”), Work Rate, Oxygen Consumption at VAT and Ventilatory Efficiency will also be evaluated. These secondary endpoints were all statistically significant for the entire treatment arm, about 200 subjects, in the FUEL Trial.

FUEL-2 is designed as a double-blind, placebo-controlled trial with a sample size of approximately 400 subjects. The primary efficacy endpoint is the change in peak oxygen consumption (VO2 mL/kg/min) from Baseline to Week 26, as measured by maximal cardiopulmonary exercise testing. As agreed with the FDA, the statistical criteria for success will be at a 2-sided level of significance of 10% (p<0.1). An interim analysis will be conducted when approximately 50% of the subjects complete the trial to determine what final sample size is needed to meet the statistical criteria of a 2-sided alpha of 0.1 at 90% power.

Because the principal objective of FUEL-2 is to obtain statistical significance of the primary end point, FUEL-2 will have fewer procedures compared to the FUEL Trial. Mezzion therefore believes that the FUEL-2 protocol is simpler and more straightforward than the FUEL Trial protocol. Mezzion also believes that the FUEL-2 protocol will be more convenient for the subjects, it will facilitate and expedite the clinical operation at the site level, and it will streamline the enrollment and recruitment process.

Approximately 30 sites throughout the world will participate in the new FUEL-2 confirmatory trial. Study enrollment is expected to be initiated within the next few weeks.

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