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Sunday, February 05, 2023

CytoSMART Technologies Joins the Axion BioSystems Brand

Axion BioSystems, a leader in live-cell analysis tools, today announced the full integration of imaging innovator CytoSMART Technologies into the Axion BioSystems brand. The news, which follows the company’s 2022 acquisition of CytoSMART Technologies, reflects Axion’s expanding portfolio of live-cell analysis tools for researchers in stem cell biology, immuno-oncology, neurology, virology, toxicology, and other fields.

According to Axion CEO Kevin Gould, “Bringing all of our instruments under the Axion BioSystems umbrella helps ensure all of our customers receive the same ‘Axion’ experience, which includes expert-level support and collaboration as well as access to innovative products and software. As we continue to grow our product portfolio, we seek to create a complete lab solution with systems and software that complement each other and operate seamlessly together. The acquisition of CytoSMART Technologies last year unlocked great potential and with this brand integration we see the next step forward in realizing our vision.”

As part of the full integration, CytoSMART Technologies’ popular live-cell imaging platforms, such as the Omni, will be sold under the Axion BioSystems banner. Axion BioSystems’ expanded offerings will help researchers build a better, more complete dataset and fast track therapeutic development by allowing researchers to track complex cellular processes in vitro.

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