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Thursday, June 08, 2023

Cumulus Neuroscience Expands Development Support of Novel Precision CNS Therapeutics

Cumulus Neuroscience, a global digital health company focused on advancing neuroscience clinical trials and patient care through improved data, today announced the establishment of new Cumulus offices in the Boston area to support its expanding partnerships with biopharma innovators. The new Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC) location, in the leading life sciences hub, will help foster existing and future collaborations across diverse aspects of Central Nervous System (CNS) innovation, and deepen the company’s presence in North America.

“Cumulus is driven to become the preferred precision CNS drug development partner for biopharma innovators developing cutting-edge therapeutics, and our presence in Cambridge serves to support both existing and expanding collaborations – which, we hope, will ultimately advance the CNS ecosystem for the benefit of patients,” said Aman Bhatti, MD, CEO, Cumulus Neuroscience. “There remains an urgent unmet need facing millions of patients and families navigating neuropsychiatric and neurodegenerative conditions, and we are committed to accelerating change for these patients, as well as broadening the impact Cumulus aspires to make for the biopharma sector.”

The establishment of the Cumulus Boston-area presence will help strengthen the Company’s collaborations with Massachusetts-based companies, including Sunovion Pharmaceuticals. “Sunovion is committed to innovative approaches in CNS drug development and the collaboration with Cumulus is focused on therapies to address serious neuropsychiatric conditions,” said Kenneth Koblan, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer of Sunovion.

Cumulus supports greater precision in clinical trials through its first-in-class neuro-assessment platform, which improves the characterization of a drug’s effect on the brain and provides more frequent, objective assessments – accelerating go/no-go decisions for development teams. The Cumulus EEG synced digital platform utilizes a range of validated cognitive and behavioral tasks precisely synchronized to a dry-sensor EEG for use in-clinic or in unsupervised (at-home/remote) environments, allowing for increased ease-of-use for patients and caregivers. By enabling remote monitoring of patients across multiple domains of brain function, biopharma innovators are able to sample a broad spectrum of CNS domain measurements, from specific disease symptoms to functional neurophysiology, in order to understand the drug effect of varying doses on cognition, mood, memory, and language, and to match the right patient to the right therapy.

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