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Saturday, February 24, 2024

Biosero Expands Laboratory Automation Capabilities with New Product Launches

Biosero, Inc., a BICO company, and a developer of laboratory automation solutions to orchestrate scientific discoveries, today announced the launch of several new products and features in the company’s Green Button Go® software suite. Together, these products deliver an array of advanced capabilities to help customers streamline, control, and generate better results from their automated lab systems.

Biosero’s Green Button Go software allows scientists to automate workflows ranging from a single workstation to operations that span multiple labs. With a number of extensions, hundreds of available drivers, and an intuitive control interface, Green Button Go software is flexible, scalable, and easily customizable for a broad array of laboratory needs.

The company’s Green Button Go Orchestrator software suite is an end-to-end solution for designing, scheduling, launching, and managing lab workflows within a lab, across labs, or at facilities around the world. The company has launched a number of new products and extensions within Orchestrator, including:

  • Data Services: Facilitates connections to any device, robot, sensor, or system in a lab and captures, contextualizes, and coordinates the data produced in a workflow
  • Insights: Lets users visualize all processes in-flight and all data collected, with real-time data from every workcell as well as detailed analytics for instrument utilization trends
  • Workflow Designer: Allows users to choose a drag-and-drop graphical interface or a programming interface with logic conditions to build automated workflows
  • Workflow Conductor: Enables the launch or scheduling of workflows from the lab or remotely, and provides detailed information about the status of current tasks with an audit trail of all processes run in the past
  • Transportation Manager: Controls the physical flow of materials around a laboratory or across a campus using robotic arms, track-based systems, conveyor belts, autonomous mobile robots, and other transportation options
  • IoT Agent: Uses sensors and other devices to digitally connect instruments, samples, or other elements that cannot be physically integrated into an automated workflow
  • Lab Experience: A workflow management tool that captures and digitizes data from manual tasks, increasing reproducibility

Biosero also offers Green Button Go Scheduler, a software suite that lets scientists integrate, control, and schedule multiple instruments and devices in the lab from a single interface. The Scheduler tool can be used on its own or as part of the Orchestrator environment. Scheduler now has a new interface as well as several new products and extensions:

  • Batch Planner: Helps eliminate bottlenecks and maximize instrument usage by allowing users to plan and schedule time-course experiments and batch runs based on workcell and instrument availability
  • Cell Maintenance Planner: Handles recurring tasks in cell line generation or culturing applications
  • Multipath Scheduler: Provides users with more advanced tools for moving samples through the lab, such as the ability to plot several trajectories for different plates that will be run simultaneously
  • Assay Scheduler: Designed for laboratories where many scientists use the same systems, allowing team members to schedule the optimal time for their experiments to avoid conflicts and increase instrument usage
  • 21 CFR 11 Manager: Enables scientists to run automation in compliant environments with features such as password protection options, digital signature logs, assigned user roles, and audit trails
  • Universal Liquid Handling Interface: Connects all of the liquid handlers in a lab to a single access point with a user-friendly interface

“At Biosero, we measure our success by the scientific results we help our customers achieve. That commitment to customer success drives us to continually seek out opportunities to improve their laboratory workflows with our Green Button Go software,” said Tom Gilman, CEO of Biosero. “Our team is proud to bring these valuable new capabilities to our customers, and we look forward to seeing the great science they will support.”

To see Biosero’s laboratory automation products in action, schedule an in-person or virtual tour at the company’s Acceleration Lab in San Diego.

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