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Wednesday, March 29, 2023

AI Powered Eye-Test a ‘Healthcare Game-changer’

In an Australian first, Bupa Optical customers can access innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled eye tests and tailored reports that break new ground in the early detection of eye and general health problems such as diabetes and heart disease.

The EyeInspect test compares a patients eyes with a database of more than 10 million retinal images, with many different health conditions, to check for similarities that may be a sign of a potential health issue. This comes amidst new research which suggests that around 8 million Australian adults are at increased risk of developing heart disease as a result of lifestyle choices.

Guneet Sawhney, Director of Bupa Optical & Hearing said EyeInspect is a potentially game-changing tool for bridging the gap between eye care and general health care.

“We have invested in this new AI technology recognising that the eye is a window into the heart. We say this because the eye is the only place in the body where one can get a direct non-invasive view of a persons’ blood vessels which can tell a broad story about an individual’s current and future health risks.

“Historically our customers have primarily come to us for their vision and hearing health, but now we can offer them a service that provides them with more information about their general health which they can discuss with their doctor if and when recommended,” said Guneet.

EyeInspect launches at a time where global healthcare organisations are seeking initiatives that help defragment healthcare for people individually and society as a whole.

“Around half the Australian population wear glasses or contact lenses and require regular eye tests to ensure their prescription is up to date.

“If these regular tests are expanded to include AI-enabled reports of broader health risks, we can potentially help millions of Australians live longer, healthier and happier lives by linking them up with their trusted medical professional at the earliest sign of danger,” said Guneet.

The EyeInspect service is available at all Bupa Optical & Hearing stores across Australia and is conducted as part of a standard consultation.

For more information visit the Bupa Optical & Hearing website here.

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