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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Tri-anim Health Services Announces Exclusive Relationship to Distribute Brainscope’s Breakthrough Technology for Mild Head Injury Including Concussion, Into Emergency Departments

Tri-anim Health Services, a specialty distributor of respiratory, anesthesia and critical care products and therapies, announced today that it has entered into an exclusive relationship to represent and distribute the BrainScope® device in hospital Emergency Departments. This innovative point of care decision support tool is used to objectively assess mild head injured patients for intracranial hemorrhage and concussion at point of care in 20 minutes or less.

BrainScope is an FDA-cleared, handheld Class II medical device that uses artificial intelligence derived algorithms to identify distinctive profiles of structural brain injury and concussion. The solution consists of the BrainScope handheld decision support tool, as well as the BrainScope single-use disposable electrode headset for use with the device.

Tom Metcalf, President of Tri-anim Health Services, said, “This exclusive agreement supports Tri-anim’s mission to be the best partner to those who save and improve patients’ lives. We are thrilled to bring the breakthrough BrainScope technology to our Emergency Department customers to help them quickly and effectively assess risk of intracranial bleeding in patients with mild head injuries helping to reduce unneeded CT scans, objectively assess concussions, and improve patient experience and satisfaction.”

“This partnership with Tri-anim Health Services brings BrainScope to immediate commercial scale. It is a perfect fit for us as Tri-anim’s national sales team is already focused on providing innovative solutions to Emergency Departments,” said Susan Hertzberg, CEO of BrainScope. Hertzberg added, “America’s Emergency Departments are moving beyond COVID care and the demand for BrainScope is rapidly growing to fill a major assessment gap that exists for the nearly 5 million people that present with mild head injuries each year. Up until now, clinicians have had just one tool, the CT scan. With BrainScope they can more confidently rule out those patients that do not need a CT scan while also objectively assess concussion. We are excited to have the commercial reach that Tri-anim provides.”

The BrainScope solution has been highly clinically validated with 10+ years of development, 8 successfully executed research contracts funded by the U.S. Department of Defense, and 33 peer-reviewed publications. When integrated into clinical decision making, experience has demonstrated an average 46% reduction in unnecessary CT utilization, a 40% reduction in patient Emergency Department length of stay, and improved patient experience and satisfaction.

“BrainScope helps answer key clinician and patient questions—whether the patient has suffered a brain bleed or concussion, and whether they are ready to resume normal activities. The technological change that BrainScope brings has immediate benefits to both the patient and the Emergency Department,” said Dr. Diku Mandavia, Chief Medical Officer at BrainScope.

Attila Morgan, Eastern Area Vice President of Sales for Tri-anim Health Services added, “BrainScope easily fits into the Emergency Department current workflow for mild head injuries. The device can be operated by non-nursing staff and assessments take less than 20 minutes from start to finish. By avoiding unnecessary CT scans, BrainScope’s assessment can help Emergency Departments save significant time and hospital resources.”

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