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Sunday, June 16, 2024
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About Exscientia


At the forefront of small molecule drug discovery

We are the first company to automate drug design, surpassing conventional human endeavour.

Our AI driven systems actively learn best practice from vast repositories of discovery data and are further enhanced with knowledge acquired from seasoned drug hunters.

With better information to hand than any researcher could acquire individually, our knowledge-driven systems design millions of novel, project-specific compounds and pre-assess each for predicted potency, selectivity, ADME and other key criteria. From this, a selection of the best, information-rich compounds are selected for synthesis and assay.

With new experimental data generated, the results are integrated and the next design cycle initiated. Rapid design-make-test cycles ensure unparalleled progress towards desired project goals.

Exscientia has already delivered exceptional productivity, generating candidates in roughly one-quarter of the time of traditional approaches.

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